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GDPR Notice

Following changes to the Protection of Personal Data and Privacy of EU citizens through the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018, personal data protection obligations have been tightened across the EU and affect the way that www.kelvege.com collects, holds and manages your personal data.

The information set out below details how and why we collect, process and protect your personal data in-line with the new GDPR, and is managed by our in-house Data Controller located at the premises of www.kelvege.com.

As we are based in Cyprus – and with European and International affiliations – our main use of personal information is primarily for the efficient execution of our client’s instructions, and also in order to stay in touch with existing clients or respond to requests from new or potential clients via our website.

For any queries regarding data protection, please direct your correspondence to kelvege – Data Controller at the following email: info@kelvege.com


What Kind of Personal Information Do We Collect About You?


  • During the course of our general business activities, and when you engage legal or other services from us, we may collect personal information from you. We may also collect your personal information via our website when you contact us or request information from us.


  • Basic Information: Name, (including name prefix or title), your relationship to a person, the company you work for and your job title and/or position.
  • Contact Information: Phone number/s (landline or mobile), fax number, postal address, email address and other contact information.
  • Financial Information: Payment related information.
  • Technical Information: Data on your visits to our website or applications or information regarding any communications and/or materials we send you electronically.
  • Identification & Background Information: Any such information that you provide us with as part of our business acceptance processes, or which we request and collect from you for the same purpose.
  • Personal Information: Any information that falls under special categories of data that you provide us with or that is provided to us on your behalf, or that is generated by us as part of the services we provide you with.
  • General Information: This can include access requirements that you provide us with in regards to any meetings, business or professional events you attend with us.
  • Any Other Information: Information that relates to you and does not fall in the above categories, and for which you provide us with.

How Do We Obtain Your Personal Information?

  • Interaction: We collect and process your personal information when you yourself provide it to us when registering on one of our digital applications or platforms in order to interact with us, as well as through personal interaction with members of our staff (electronic, written or oral).
  • Website Use: We collect and process your personal information through your use of our website. Please note that the information that cookies collect through Google Analytics remains anonymous. You may refuse the use of cookies or withdraw your consent at any time when visiting our website by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser.
  • Business Acceptance Processes: We collect and process your personal information as part of our business acceptance processes. This information could pertain to you, and/or other individuals for whom it is necessary to obtain information about during the course of providing our legal services.
  • Technology Tools & Services: We collect and process your personal information via email communications sent to and from Antonis Frangos LLC either through direct email or through our website whilst monitoring both.

On What Basis Do We Use Your Personal Information?

We use your personal information in the scope of the legal services we provide. This comprises the following actions:

  • In order to comply with all legal and regulatory obligation.
  • For legitimate business purposes. This enables you to use, navigate and get the most out of our website.
  • To execute the services that fall under a contract – to interact with you to provide legal or other requested services.

How Do We Use Your Personal Information?

We use your personal information for a number of business and client related actions as per below:

  • To operate, improve, maintain, monitor and audit our website and its functions.
  • To promote and market our services (newsletters, updates, news articles and event details).
    • If you are invited to provide us with personal information in order to sign up for a newsletter, updates or to make an enquiry by email, your personal information will only be used for this specific purpose.
    • In order to provide you with better service and more tailored materials, we use cookies on our website when we send you emails. These assist us to improve our marketing by using analytics to understand whether you read the emails and other materials we send; if you have clicked on any links contained in such emails and other materials, and whether clicking on the links leads to further website visits. This is done by software that places a cookie on your device that tracks this activity and records it against your email address.
    • You may unsubscribe at any time if you change your mind and decide you do not wish to continue receiving marketing information from us. You may also manage your preferences at any time to reflect any changes in the information you wish to receive.
  • To fulfil requests made by you through our website, and to provide you with that information and/or improve this service for you.
  • To manage and administer our relationship with our clients.
  • To provide services to our clients and/or to improve these services. This includes handling the personal information of others on behalf of our clients.
  • To fulfil our obligations (legal, regulatory and risk management). This pertains to defending, establishing or exercising legal claims.
  • For any events that we may organise either at our premises or at other venues and which you attend. This includes meetings, seminars and other business and professional functions organised by Antonis Frangos LLC and/or business partners and associates.
    • In the event that there are business partners involved in organising or hosting the relevant event we will share pertinent information to assist us to cater for your needs (e.g. access requirements), or to meet any other legal or regulatory obligations we may have.
  • For recruitment purposes.


How Long Do We Keep Your Personal Information For?

How long we keep your personal information for depends on the reason for which the information was collected, and for what purpose it was used. There are different retention periods for different categories of data. In normal circumstances we will retain your data for a period of seven (7) years following the conclusion of our rendered services to you. Any length of time your information is retained takes into account any minimum period required to hold the information to fulfill legal and regulatory requirements or to take legal action, as well as limitation periods and good practice. In the case of information provided for marketing events or via our website, the length of time of data retention is shorter if there is no further interaction between the two parties and our services are not – or no longer – required.

With Whom Do We Share Your Personal Information?

We will never sell, rent or otherwise make personal information commercially available to any third party.

On occasion, we may share your personal information with certain trusted third parties in accordance with contractual arrangements in place with them. This can include those hosting or organizing events on our behalf, and for which you are attending, or our professional advisors and auditors as per our professional requirements.

How Do We Protect Your Personal Information?

The protection of your personal information is very important to us and we employ various security measures to ensure that our methods comply with the applicable data protection laws to prevent the unauthorised access, use, alteration, disclosure or destruction of your personal information.

Any time that we share your personal information is in full compliance with agreements to maintain confidentiality and compliance with Data Protection legislation, and unless we are legally restricted in contacting you, we will attempt to notify you. This may include sharing your personal information with:

  • Regulatory authorities
  • Tribunals and courts
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Government agencies
  • Our website hosting company

Transferring Your Personal Information to Other Countries

There may be times when it is required to transfer your personal information to other locations and countries outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) in order to best execute our services for you. For further information, see the section titled With Whom Do We Share Your Personal Information?

Your Rights Regarding Your Personal Information

Under the EU’s data protection laws – which encompass the new GDPR and other applicable data protection laws – you have the right to request details from us on what kind of personal information we hold on you and how we process it, as well as to have your personal information amended or deleted.

You also retain the right to restrict us processing your personal information and to stop unauthorised transfers of your personal information to a third party. In some cases, you also retain the right to stop us from transferring your personal information to another organisation.

In the event that any personal details have changed, please notify us so that we may make the changes on our database as it is important to ensure that any information we have of yours is current and accurate in order to best execute our services.

You can notify us of any changes to your personal information by emailing us at: info@franglaw.com

You may also contact us at the above email address if you wish to withdraw your consent for us to have and process your personal information. Please note that if you object to us having your personal information, or have consented in the past but would like to now withdraw this consent, it may impact on the services and products we offer you, or our ability to effectively execute our contract with you. Withdrawal of consent may still permit us to have and process certain aspects of your personal information to the extent required or otherwise permitted by law, namely regarding our ability to defend and exercise our legal rights or to meet our legal and regulatory obligations.

You have the right to lodge a complaint regarding the way that Kelvege.com obtains and processes your personal information with the appropriate authorities at any time.



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