WATERMAN Fountain Pen Hemisphere STARLITE Chrome CT FP
April 4, 2019
WATERMAN Fountain Pen Hemisphere Metalic CT FP (METALIC BROWN)
April 4, 2019

WATERMAN Fountain Pen Hemisphere Laque GT (MARS BLACK)


Our most popular range from Waterman is the Hemisphere, combining elegant clean lines with stylish simplicity.  We stock the Hemisphere fountain pen in nib sizes from extra fine to broad       (nib size guide).

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Hémisphère makes each moment refreshingly elegant. In the spirit of Waterman innovation, it redefines timeless lines with a new focus on streamlined simplicity. Striking clean design and noble materials come together for a delightful writing experience to inspire your most creative thoughts. What better accessory for that lively imagination of yours?

                                                  The Finish : Contemporary brushed stainless steel and vivid palladium plated trims, highlight the slim and smooth-touch finish with the cool, clear colour of ice.
                                                  The Nib : Comfortable and brilliantly designed, the expertly engraved nib is unmistakable in its writing experience.
The Clip : Palladium finish